New horizons in theoretical computer science

  • Is there a fee for participants?
    There is no fee for participation in the summer school.

  • I am am currently enrolled as an undergraduate, but will be graduating in the summer. Can I still apply?
    Yes, you are welcome to apply for the summer school.

  • My school cannot send over a transcript by April 15. Can I still apply?
    We do not require official transcripts. The application form has an option to upload unofficial transcripts, in case this is more convenient than listing all relevant coursework.

  • Are applications limited to students at US universities?
    No. Students outside the US are also welcome to apply. However, please note that the based on the location of the speakers and TAs, the schedule for the summer school will be according to US time zones. Also, we will give priority to students from groups currently under-represented in TCS.

  • The “year” option in the form seems assume a 4-year undergraduate program. What if the length of the program at my university is different?
    Please indicate your current year if it’s in the range 1-4, or use the “other” option if needed. Please use the “tell us about yourself” question to point out any additional details about the program at your university.

  • What information is required in the reference letter? Does the recommender necessarily have to be a faculty member?
    The reference letter/email should contain some details about the applicant’s academic preparation and suitability for the summer school. This can be from a faculty member who may have taught the relevant courses, or may have interacted with applicant in an academic context. If the appropriate person to provide these details is not a faculty at your school, but an outside researcher/mentor, who you have had significant academic interactions with, you are welcome to list them as a reference. Please ask them to briefly describe how they might be familiar with your academic background/preparation.

  • Why are applications required at all, and why can’t you admit all interested students? How many applications do you plan to accept?
    We hope to have a high TA-to-student ratio, and include problem-solving sessions, where students can work closely with the TAs. For this reason, we may only be able accept about 50 applications for the summer school.

  • Will the lectures be recorded? Will they be available online?
    Yes, we plan to make the recorded lectures publicly available online.

  • What are the timings of the summer school?
    The detailed schedule is still being worked out, but we expect to have online lectures, problem-solving sessions, discussions, and other activities, roughly between 7 am and 5 pm PDT (with breaks). Participants will be expected to attend most of these activities during the week of May 31-June 4. We will try to post a full schedule online soon.